Going Camping and still making simple, healthy buddha bowls!


Hi Everyone,

Gerardo, our 2 girls and I  just went camping for a week on Vancouver Island. True Nature, and stillness is what we enjoyed the most. We hiked  along turquoise blue rivers which invited us to take full advantage of the solitude by skinny dipping! This back to nature camping trip, naturally calls for healthy food.   So I invented some easy to prepare, nutritious veggie bowls, which  I even managed to make from the back of the car (see photo) . At those moments I really feel like I am the only ‘freak’ on earth to do such things! Lucky for me my family always appreciates my efforts of healthy eating.

How do I do this.?  The supermarkets in Canada, same as in the US,  always have an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables. So you just buy veggies, like kale, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini’s, avocado’s, and onions. Those can all be eaten raw. 

But if you have a cookfacility frying an onion is always a good idea,  and it sweetens the dish. Using a barbecue, grilling the veggies  (peppers and zucchini’s) is an even tastier option. Place all ingredients nicely in a bowl (see image). To make it appetizing, I dressed them just simply with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Sometimes I added some balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. For toppings add some of the following: garbanzo beans, feta cheese, some olives or nuts.

I served them with some crackers and a hummus dip from the store. And we all thought it was simply delicious! 






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