Vegan/Vegetarian Hands on Cooking Class for Teens


Hi Everyone,

Friday october 21st,  I had 7 teenagers in my kitchen for my first ‘hands on vegan/vegetarian cook workshop”. We had a really good time, and we learned a lot. This is what we did:

  • Green smoothie as a start, they all loved this one. Recipe on the blog next week!
  • A 5 minute hummus recipe, with crunchy veggies.  Munched in a minute!
  • Knife and cutting skills, like how to cut an onion..(lots of tears.. so sorry girls!), peel a citrus, chopp garlic, etc
  • Information about all the food that is available for vegan and vegetarians. (brochures and sheets included)
  • Cezanne and Clara made the Cookies for dessert (these will be on the blog next week)
  • Patty and Clara made the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad
  • Alexa made the Autumn Coloured Kale Salad with a Citrus Dressing
  • Maura and Disha made the Summer rolls with Mango and Avocado (soon on the blog!)
  • Together we ate and shared all the dishes and talked about how we made it. We also discussed the taste, their favorites and what adjustments could be made*.
  • And last but not least I taught them how to quickly make a School Lunch Salad togo


The Set up


The host,  Yvette


Cheers on a healthy lifestyle, with this Green smoothie!


A quick Hummus recipe…an absolute favorite among the girls


Clara and Patty preparing the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad.


Disha and Alexa, having fun with the wraps.


Alexa’s dedication in making the Autumn Coloured Kale Salad with a Citrus Dressing.  *Improved recipe after your comments on the slightly sturdy Kale. Don’t give up on the Kale, I really encourage you to try this one again.


Well done girls.. excellent work.


Ready to eat…! 

The girls went home very satisfied, they got a ‘vegan for teens’ brochure, and excel sheets with an overview of the enormous variety of vegetables, grains, legumes etc.  available for vegan followers. I wish them all the best and hope I sent them into the world with a little bit more knowledge about healthy food and how delicious that can be.

If you have a group of people that like to join a class as well, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Yvette van den IJssel

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