Hello and welcome to my website,

It’s my pleasure to share these recipes with you.

I love to be active in my kitchen, always being creative and inventive to make the best healthy salads or overload the lunchbox of my teenage daughters with nutritious ingredients.

My passion for food started at a young age, and after high school I attended the hotelmanagement school in Maastricht (Netherlands). I learned the basic techniques for cooking, and my interest in food and cooking further developed.

Along those 30 years much has changed and evolved. From making French inspired classical dinners to far more healthier food.. including vegan, raw food etc..

Especially since I became a mom of two daughters, my dedication focused on even more healthy food, as I wanted them to be prepared to live a healthy and happy life in this modern world, packed with too much processed food!

What’s ‘healthy food’ for me??

Well, I have read many books, sites, blogs about nutrition, and also studied nutrition. The amount of information about nutrition is huge, let alone the confusion about what’s good or not so good for you.

Two things that I concluded from all the information I gathered is:

“moderation and variation”…….and loads of vegetables!

That’s the key for me!

Every food item has advantages and disadvantages. Also vegetables. Eat a lot of them and vary…all colors of the rainbow.

I don’t go into extremes, like only eating raw, or skipping all carbs.
Even going on a low calorie diet is totally against my philosophy.

It’s a lifestyle….long lasting, and I try to incorporate as many vegetables in a day as possible, meanwhile enjoying my cup of cappuccino with a sweet treat in the morning.

The reason for sharing my recipes with you, is showing you that healthy eating with loads of vegetables can be sooooo delicious!

Thats what I do when I cook… I think ‘veggie’!

I hope you get inspired by my recipes… Enjoy!

A healthy hug, Yvette

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