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At the dining table is where your guests connect, share thoughts, and unite over food. It is no wonder that food plays an important role in each retreat. This is where I like to come in by providing and taking care of all Food and Beverage aspects of your retreat.

I am a passionate, dedicated chef and love to share my healthy and delicious food with your guests during your retreat.

Your guests will experience first hand the impact of wholesome, mostly plant-based food on their mind, body and soul. They will feel more energized, more focused,  experience fewer sugar dips and cravings .

With an absolute eye for flavors and attention to detail, I ensure your guests will experience “wow” moments with every bite they take.  They will feel nurtured and satisfied. As much as possible I aim to use Organic, local and seasonal products.

I love to cook onsite and to become part of your team. I like to share with your guests what I cooked for them and if feasible would love to enjoy the meals together.

If you’d like to take your event or retreat to the next level, contact me, and I will make sure your guests feel energized, loved, and nourished from the magic food on their plates..

Retreat Services:

  • Menu design in consultation with you, from breakfast to dinner, to drinks and snacks
  • Mostly plant-based meals (raw, vegan, vegetarian and Ayurvedic) If desired organic eggs, cheese, fish or chicken can be added
  • Includes homemade products such as Cacao granola, bliss balls, raw-vegan pies, fermented foods, sprouts, spices, dressings etc.
  • Accommodate to special dietary restrictions
  • Cooks on location (International)
  • speaks dutch, english and spanish
  • Shopping, preparation and cleanup all included

I love to work for yoga and lifestyle retreats, and have worked for Myrthe’s retreats in Bali and The Netherlands in 2019/2020. Here’s what Myrthe says about me: 

“I am so grateful to have Yvette being a part of my retreats cooking for my guests and – selfishly, for myself. As a nutritionist, I value the quality, source and diversity of the meals very much and food for me is one of the key elements of my retreats. And Yvette just cooks exactly the way I want to: not ‘just a good meal’, but next level, nourishing, fresh and healthy food, in a creative yet simple way with so much flavor. On top of that, she is more than a chef: she is a part of the group. Warming, welcoming and being involved in every guest’s story and reason to be there. I love her little explanations before every meal of what we are eating and why this is good for us, so she educates as well while sharing her gift on a plate. She has a great energy that she brings along with her. You won’t regret working with her!” 

Myrthe van Gameren


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